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Private Utility Locating and Concrete Scanning In Ohio
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Locate Private Utilities Scan Concrete
Private Utility Scanning and Concrete Scanning Services

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Locate Conduits Prior to Core Drilling

Fiorilli Construction uses Ground Penetrating Radar Systems whenever they will be core drilling into a slab that may contain conduit.  GPR can efficiently and precisely locate conduit in or below concrete slabs without any radiation.  Fiorilli used us to locate the main power feeds running through the slab on each floor at Lakeview Towers in Cleveland.  Their core drilling locations were very close to these conduits and we were able to mark their locations accurately so the drilling could be performed safely.     

Jamie Althauser performing GPR scanning to locate conduit in a concrete slab.   For projects in the Cleveland area or Eastern OH Jamie Althauser (330-352-0145) or email 

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